The Covent IT subgroup has been created primarily
for the promotion and structuring of information systems development in our modern world


Covent IT is, first and foremost, a method of distributing information to as many people as possible. As a rule, the super-ideas of all our projects involve all interested parties in certain groups of global ideas.

Work Specifics

We attach special significance to the spiritual content of the world of information: just as information is the content of any technical structure, spirituality, as we see it, is the intrinsic content of information.

In other words, we determine the value and effectiveness of information technologies primarily by their potential contribution to human development.

What We Do

We select, develop, and supervise projects contributing greatly to the development of information technologies and the human being, as well as to structuring global processes as a whole.

Ideas, technologies, structure types, and managerial know-how developed by our institutes (IPP и Covent Group as a whole) are being promoted to the greatest possible extent through our informational projects. Special attention is given to the relationship between the structure of informational projects and of the human mind.

Our approach is based on the premise that informational projects should not merely fill the human mind with knowledge but shape its very structure.

Finally, IT projects are important as a way to identify a special group of individuals capable of professionally working in the sphere of information technologies, i. e. people assuming special responsibility for the intellectual and spiritual development of humankind. That is why all our IT projects are interrelated upon the integration of their development resources.




Promoting and structuring development of global information systems

Involving the largest possible number of people while promoting global ideas

Personal Aspect

Identifying a special group of people capable of working professionally with information technologies

Personal intellectual and spiritual development

As part of the Covent Group system, Covent IT must comply with unified standards and principles in pursuit of common goals

Covent Group is a hierarchical system embracing a number of specialized independent branches governed by unified Covent Group standards and pursuing a common global goal

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