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Covent IT Services

Custom Software Development

Do you have an idea for a product or service and want to bring it to life? We can provide you with full-cycle bespoke software development services. In our work, we combine tech expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and passion for innovation. 

Our finely-tuned business workflows and openness to experimenting will let you test the best ideas and hack growth. Feel the benefits of custom software and get exactly what you need to defeat the challenges that ready-made commercial software solutions bring. 

Custom Software Development
Development Team Augmentation

Replenish your internal team with our talented software developers in chosen technologies. With us, you will easily fill a team’s skill gap and fulfill all of your specific IT project requirements. 

  • We choose the best and hire only 2% of the interviewed people (HR stage) 
  • You reduce risks and recruitment costs by up to 30% 
  • We will take care of all legal, salary issues and equipment for hired specialists
  • Get the first candidate's resumes in ten business days, and have an expert with the right skills in just 3 weeks

Let’s find you the best matching remote developers to accelerate your success!

Development Team Augmentation
IT Consulting and Digital Advisory

Not sure whether your software is developed to the highest standards and can withstand any security threat? Our experts can assist you in analyzing your current infrastructure and suggesting customized solutions. We also provide technical advice, including recommendations on which technologies would be most appropriate for your project, defining workloads, and deciding who should be on your team. 

From customer service to introducing cutting-edge technologies, from evaluation to migration, Covent IT can guide your digital initiatives from strategy to implementation. We have the talent and expertise to make your business transformation become a success story. 

IT Consulting and Digital Advisory
Software Reengineering and Support

No matter how good your software may seem to you, there is always room for improvement. In order to maintain your leadership in this fast-paced world, you may need to reengineer it sometime. Software reengineering entails the process of updating software by developing additional features and functionalities for more efficient use.

Constant software maintenance and improvements will create more value for your business as it not only makes your services better but also contributes added revenue. Modify and support your existing software systems to make them more maintainable. 

Software Reengineering and Support
Custom Mobile App Development

Looking to bring your app idea to life or enhance your business with a powerful mobile presence? Our Mobile App Development Services are tailored to meet your needs, whether you're a startup, a growing business, or an established enterprise.

Custom Mobile App Development
Flutter App Development Company

Do you need a responsive app that can be found both on Android and on iOS as well as on the web? Flutter development may be the technology you need. With cross-platform adaptability, Flutter is a great choice for a project that needs to be present all over the Internet.

Flutter App Development Company
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What We Offer Custom software solutions tailored to your needs

We design and implement advanced software solutions and mobile apps on demand. With expertise in different programming languages, the latest technologies, Agile methodology, and DevOps, we can provide you with the best software to optimize and innovate your business performance.
Individual approach
We create bespoke software and cutting-edge services for your specific needs, encouraging cooperation and fostering creativity and innovation. Our software developers are skilled enough to build a better end-user experience with the aid of software development tools.
Real-Time Communication
To enable real-time cooperation, our developers work within your time zone. We strive for creating a real "branch location" feel. With frequent management and progress updates, we instill accountability and transparency into our everyday work.
Attention to detail
The level of attention to detail is the key cost driver for us. Getting a project right the first time by asking the right questions in breadth and depth, delivering a result that coincides with your vision, producing code and architecture that is efficient, maintainable, and free of technical debt is what we pursue during the development process.
Scalable Business
Scalability is not just a word for us. We adapt to your company needs, team size, approach, competencies, and price model to find the best ways of cooperation and bring you value. By working with us, you will be able to swiftly adjust to change, adopt new ideas, and stay on track.
Strong Skillset
Our team specializes in delivering reliable end-to-end tailor-made software solutions for startups, small and middle businesses, and corporations, ranging from fully managed teams to individual qualified software engineers. We use the most up-to-date methodologies and technologies to guide you from idea and strategy through software development and testing, to maintenance and support.
You Own The Source Code
The code is yours. We don’t own it, unlike other software companies. You are the exclusive owner of the source code and intellectual property under our agreement. This makes you more self-reliant and not dependent on one developer. In case your product/service needs modification, bug fixing, or upgrade, you will be free to choose any developer you want.

Cooperation Models

Dedicated Team
Flate Rate
Flat Rate is good for projects with definite deliverables, difficult-to-estimate time, and complete or narrow scope of work. When choosing this cooperation model, the customer knows an overall price before developers start working on the project. The benefit of a flat rate is its simplicity and predictability.
Cost Plus
Cost Plus is a cooperation model, which provides more transparency to a client, helps optimize costs and have better budget planning. Cost-plus pricing refers to setting the price of a product or service by estimating the production cost and then adding a predetermined markup to it. Choose this model if you plan to launch a long-term project, the project's requirements are unclear, or you want to expand your in-house team without hiring another full-time employee.
Custom Software development
Best for well-specified projects of any size. A definite IT service cost is set before starting the project. It remains unchanged during the development life cycle. Choose this model when you know exactly what you want from the very beginning.
Time & Material
Perfect for continuous projects with uncertain work scope and changing requirements. The monthly pricing depends on the agreed-upon rates. This model gives you more room for project management and scaling.
Fixed Budget
A great hybrid model combining the two first. Opt for it when you are not sure about the shape of the final product/service you would like to achieve, and when the scope of the project is wide.
Hourly Rate
Suitable for small and short-term projects that can be completed by one specialist. You pay for hours spent on fulfilling your task. Use the model when the scope of the project cannot be determined in time.
Pay per Service
Pay per Service - is a cooperation model, where a Client can use only specific services needed and thus, save on monthly Service Fees. As an example, a Client may only use Pay-roll, Recruitment and HR services. In this case, a Client won't have to pay for Office Space, Administration or IT services. Budget is optimized and gives more financial capacity for other needs.

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