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Why Do You Need IT Consulting Service

Get Your Project Done Faster
Choose the necessary technologies and steps to implement your idea, realize the project faster and more efficiently.
Spend IT Budget Wisely
Optimize and scale your IT business capabilities to suit your organization, reduce costs and increase profits in the long run.
Ensure Cyber Security
Get an assessment of your software, computer systems, and networks for vulnerabilities to find out the best security solution fit for you.
Increase Productivity
Review your present IT assets and get recommendations of alternative technologies that will best suit your needs and increase efficiency at your workplace.

Types of Consulting Services

End-to-End Solutions for Enterprises
  • Defining and tackling outdated system architectures
  • Recommending tech solutions, already existing or to be developed
  • Advising on reliable on-premise or cloud-based services and infrastructure
  • Creating a long-term roadmap to draw more value out of your business
IT Product Strategy Consulting
  • Analyzing the current performance to identify strengths and potential
  • Developing a phase-to-phase technical vision and strategy
  • Transforming the concept to a product roadmap and requirements
  • Suggesting prototypes for your product
  • Identifying a revenue model
  • Outlining an accurate sense of work cost and timelines
Technology Advisory
  • Getting feedback on the technical feasibility of your product
  • Choosing the right programming language and development approach
  • Advising on storage and deployment infrastructure options
  • Finding a comprehensive web security strategy for your business
  • Assessing your business objectives and determining how technologies can propel you forward
Infrastructure and Development Consulting
  • IT consulting and deployment of software solutions
  • IT infrastructure management and upgrade
  • Service delivery environment consulting
  • Providing compliance risk assessments
  • IT infrastructure support
  • Running a website accessibility audit
Cybersecurity and Data Protection Consulting
  • Cyber and InfoSec risk assessment
  • Application security testing and consulting
  • DevSecOps consulting
  • Security code review
  • Identity and access management
  • Identity & access Management
  • Cross platform endpoint & mobile security solutions
  • Security compliance management
IT Networking
  • Security monitoring
  • Cloud network support
  • Optimizing network performance
  • Active Directory support services
  • Network administration and security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Device management

Areas of Expertise

Architecture Assessment
Let us evaluate your system design and architecture against best practices in the industry to guarantee scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.
Development Process Audit
Get a thorough examination of the development process with paying a special attention to communication, planning, and task estimation, and identifying areas for improvement.
Solution Discovery
Stop struggling with choosing the right solution for your problem. Covent IT strives to assist you to find the optimal design and delivery approach to improve your business success rate.
Development Strategy and Architecture
If you want to be quick at developing software, you have to start slowly. Build the right strategy and architecture to ensure that your IT projects align with business priorities.
Experience Design
The product’s success is useful and native for clients. Help your software reach the audience and bring value to your business.
Technology Advisory
Leverage your existing and new technologies to reach your goals with the support of our skilled technology advisory experts.
Transform Your Business Processes for a Digital World

Our IT Advisory Stages

The first stage is about trying to understand your situation and pivots in your product strategy. Providing as much data as you can from multiple sources allows us to better test your ideas against digital reality.
Then, the assessment of feasibility and scalability of your current software architecture, development methods, and a roadmap takes place.
In the third stage, you get a deep investigation of your present technologies and ongoing approaches with an aim to figure out the strengths and weaknesses, validate your business idea, and identify project requirements.
Time for Recommendations or Advising
Here is time for actionable tips concerning architecture, tools, technologies, staffing and roadmap - everything you need for successful project implementation.
Development & Implementation
Putting the strategy into action is the next stage. The major goal is to keep the implementation moving forward.
Timely support for upgrades and new functions is important to keep your software running, user-friendly, and scalable.


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