Candidates in Our Database
Employees Stay With Us on Average 3.5 Years
Employees Stay With Us on Average 5 Years
Employees Have a Bachelor’s Degree
Employees Have a Master’s Degree
Employees Have a PhD or Post-Doctorate

Staff Augmentation Features

Bring ideas to the top by focusing on a deeper line of business. A team of professionals will help you create the dynamic you need to achieve your goal.
Full Cycle Services
Our end-to-end human resources service meets every business need from candidate research to salary solutions.
By understanding your needs and researching your wants, we get the most cost-effective solution and working model for you.
Let our experts develop and manage your people management processes, so you can focus your time on core business needs.
Full Control
You still have full control over your dedicated team while we take care of the day-to-day processes.

Our Services

  • Research / screening / headhunting
  • HR interview (checking candidate’s competencies & request recommendations)
  • Candidates presentation
  • Organizing clients’ interviews with the candidates
  • Signing an offer
  • Start working & onboarding
  • Onboarding, development and maintenance of effective personnel model, adaptation, assignment, personal development plans
  • Conducting HR performance interview with all employees
  • OrganCoordinating employee education and training, including English language courses
  • OrganOrganizing team building events and business trips for developers
  • Vacation and sick days management, and other HR related processes
  • Accounting & auditing
  • Payment processing
  • Working with banks (account registration and other services)
  • Employee local taxes & pension fund payments
  • Gross salary payments
  • Employer taxes
  • Withheld employee taxes
  • Travel expenses / benefits
  • Special bank fees
  • Tax & Fee payments and Advisory
Legal Advisory/ Legal Support
  • Preparation of all registration documents and entry of your company in the Register of enterprises
  • Notary support
  • Registration and maintenance of employees
Office Facilities
  • Comfortable workplace in a modern office in the city center open 24/7/365
  • Inspiring work environment & friendly atmosphere
  • Office manager support services
  • Fully equipped workplace
Employee Benefits
  • Medical insurance
  • Corporate events
  • English courses
  • Educational events
  • Company activities
  • Social Benefits
IT Service
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software support and advisory
  • Security advisory
  • Network and domain support
Scale Your Team Right Now

How We Work

We offer a wide array of services to meet every business need, regardless of the computing capacity.

Hire Top Talented IT Professionals

Use our top-notch IT augmentation services to find the best talents from the right pool of qualified individuals. Our specialists can do an array of tasks starting from legacy software modernization to creating absolutely new solutions from scratch and providing narrowly specialized services.
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Database Development
Mobile App Development
Quality Assurance
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development
Software Architecture
Full-stack Development
UI/UX Desig
Blockchain Development
AI Development

Businesses we work with

Start your time-sensitive projects immediately with our augmentation services. We are here to help you scale quickly and make a successful transition from start-up to established company. Our staff augmentation services can help your start-up’s bottom line by providing you with specific skill sets, expertise in certain technologies, flexibility, lower HR costs, and saved time.
Small and Medium Business
Whether you are a small or medium-sized company, we can add skilled mindsets to your existing workforce. Our team members will collaborate with your current employees to help you overcome obstacles, accelerate delivery, and create the most effective team faster. Because team extension is completely flexible, you can quickly rump a team for your project up or down based on your current needs.
Do you want to reach your milestones faster? Even if you already have a clear roadmap and a strong team, extra development capabilities can help you achieve your goals quickly and swiftly while keeping yourself focused on core competencies. Cooperating with us is the right way to get more things done with less effort. Along with the dedicated team selection, we will take care of the other aspects, including labor, legal work, payrolls, and contracts, HR, talent acquisition, IT and technical professional support if needed.
Global Platforms
Global Platforms We help you to save budget and at the same time, you get a fully functional, reliable software product that opens up new perspectives for your business and additional communication channels.
Need a Team?

Our Projects

Global-e Global-e
Increase e-commerce Sales with Minimal Effort.
We provided several teams with highly skilled resources, including top technical talent for our long-time partner. The solution we delivered, helped them successfully implement some eCommerce projects within the first year of our relationship.
Dedicated Team
HR& Recruitment
Payroll Service
CMS Magento / Shopify / Presta Shop / Hybris
QA manual / auto
Cynet Cynet
Providing cybersecurity tailored to individual business contexts
We helped this Tel Aviv-based company build its workforce to cope with its rapid growth. We formed a highly qualified team from different business areas to meet our clients' needs.
Dedicated Team
HR& Recruitment
Payroll Service
Build an Emotional Connection with Customers
We created several teams of highly skilled professionals to help develop and maintain the website. These staffing changes allowed the company to redesign 30% of the project and create a transparent workflow with the product team within 3 months.
Dedicated Team
HR& Recruitment
Payroll Service
PHP (Yii2)
QA auto (Java)
Front-end (jQuery / React)
Uteka Uteka
One-Stop Hub for Managers and Accountants
The company chose us for a long-term partnership based on our deep technical expertise and top software engineering talent. A unique custom CRM system, redesign, database improvements, and enhanced functionality. That's not a complete list of what we've implemented to turn a small news portal into a major commercial service.
Yii Framework
QA manual

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